The Art And History Of Making Embroidered Patches

Almost everyone has worn clothing with an embroidered patch at least once in his or her life. If you’re wondering what an embroidered patch is, it is a piece of cloth upon which extra details are decorated and sewn. This design is created using thread or fabric backing after which the patch can be attached to strategic parts of the clothing to represent a company, club, or organization. The traditional ways of attaching patches are through pinning and sewing, but some modern methods involve attachment by using an iron-on material, Velcro, or heat-activated adhesive.

Here Gives Important Uses Of Embroidered Patches:

The use of these add-ons on uniforms has been around for decades, but their roots can be traced back to ancient Mediterranean culture, and even parts of South America, China, and India, where thread stitching for the decoration of fabric originated. The robes of the royals and the religious were adorned with hand-stitched patterns, and even significant artifacts were decorated with various kinds of embroidery. Today, embroidered patches are used for uniforms in government services, sports teams, clubs, and companies in order to signify a person’s rank or position in the organization. Sometimes, specialized units or space agencies use these to represent a particular mission.

Embroidered Patches

Before the computer age, embroidered patches were hand-stitched on clothes. Today, most patch manufacturing companies use the same approach, but an additional step has been included in the process to make the art of making a patch more precise. First, the base fabric is cut and shaped, after which the edges undergo a heat-sealing process to prevent them from fraying. Next, the thread is stitched onto the backing, which serves as a background for the patch itself. As a finishing touch, an adhesive that can be ironed on is applied to the other side of the patch, to make it easy to attach it to the clothing. This final step is what makes all the difference and allows for ease of attachment to the uniform.

In the Industrial Revolution, machines for garment production such as sewing machines and power looms paved the way for an easier and more accurate patch making process. Production of patches were made more efficient that numerous pieces could be made within a smaller time frame, allowing for bulk, rush orders. Before, embroidery was such a time-consuming process. But, when the Schiffli machine was invented by a Swiss man named Isaak Groebli, that certainly changed the game for the art of embroidery.

The machine utilized the two-thread process, which made it possible to make several copies of the embroidered pattern at a single time. Groebli’s eldest son invented a more updated version of the Schiffli machine, which operated on a more simplified mechanism via a single operator. The invention of the embroidery machine definitely revolutionized the entire process, which ultimately became an answer to the challenge of fast, multiple production of embroidered patches.

Embroidered Patch

Our company certainly values our customers’ need for speed

We know how precious your time is, and that is why we give the promise of high-quality and speedy production of your patch orders. We can help you come up with a customized design to represent the brand of your company, club, or department in whatever shape, size, or fabric you can think of. Just name the style you have in mind and we can help you come up with a finished product that suits your needs. The process involves only three easy steps. The first step is for you to send us your ideas for your design or logo.

The second step is our digital artists will then create a design proof for your approval. The last step involves the patch production itself, and we will only proceed once you give us a go-signal for the design. You don’t have to worry about the revisions, because we have that covered for you free of charge. Our aim is to come up with perfectly embroidered patch for our customers every single time. We offer our customers free reign in designing their patch, and this covers shape, size, color, and backing type. We let you customize your designs to suit your needs. Our artists are more than happy to assist you in crafting the patch that is right for you.

Know Thy Audience: Preparation Techniques for the Aspiring Motivational Speaker

Today we are going to talk about how you can improve the overall quality of your presentation through knowing your audience. Knowing your strengths, capabilities, and limits are important but they are only half the equation. You also need to invest a lot of time in knowing what makes your audience tick. After all, they are the reason you are doing this.

Here are a few things an aspiring motivational speaker should take note of:


Motivational SpeakerYour initial research should be about the type of people likely to be a part of your audience. More often than not, people who go to self-improvement seminars are people who need uplifting. These are individuals who might have gone through bad marriages, financial crises, people who are currently jobless or worse—homeless. These people are the ones in need most of counseling.

Also, expect that there are also those that have begun to bounce back that need, in a manner of speaking, a motivational booster shot to keep them going strong. They need moral support too. Be aware of this so you can find a good balance between the topics that you might include in your message.

One more thing, while you do not always have control over who comes to your talks, if and when you can, screen people based on your area of expertise. You can express yourself better when you can relate your talk to what you actually do because you can make use of what you know to make better analogies. Better analogies make people understand concepts easier and retain them better. Generally speaking it will be a lot easier for you.


While it is not absolutely necessary to have gone through the same problems as your target demographic, it is however the job of the motivational speaker to make sure they can identify and be able to empathize with their audience. We were all born with essentially the same set of faculties which allow us to generally react to things and feel certain emotions in the same way—you most likely know what it is like to have your mom or dad be mad at you for misbehaving.

You probably know what it feels like to be pressured by a couple of deadlines. If you are a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic then you might have gone through a few breakups in the past. Now, try to recall how these events made you feel and capitalize on them to get a sense of how your audience might be feeling.

Aspiring Motivational Speaker


A lot of the ideas you present as a motivational speaker will most likely be new to your audience and will be met with resistance. Given the situation that you are on the stage, they might not express it verbally but in their minds they are going to resist much of what you are going to tell them because what they currently know had been instilled in them a long time ago and it’s what they’ve known for a very long time.

They simply can’t help it. Let’s face it, majority of the people you meet on the streets do not have formal training on handling finances let alone proper habit building. Most people don’t even know about problems like The Path of Least Resistance much less about The Expediency Factor which are detrimental to success. In most cases, these concepts are not taught in school. It is then part of your job to make sure that your delivery methods are palatable.

Of course, there are other things you can do to better prepare yourself. It won’t even be surprising if you’d manage to come up with several strategies that are uniquely yours. All in all, just consider your weaknesses as a motivational speaker and work on those before the big event – but don’t forget about honing your strengths as well.


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Golf Equipment for the Tiger

In this article, take a glimpse on three popular golf players in the world. Likewise, a brief description of golf equipment will be provided in this article.

During the last two or three decades, these three golf players became prominent because of their individual achievements in playing the game. They were champions in their own right and became the topic of discussions among sports analysts during the prime of their careers as golf players. They were seen on television, in newspapers, and in sports magazines.

Gregory John Norman or simply known as Greg Norman of Australia became popular when he was ranked as the world’s number one golfer for more than 300 weeks in the 80’s and 90’s. Nicknamed “The Great White Shark,” Greg Norman has more than 90 international championships including two Open championships under his name.

Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo or Nick Faldo of England became prominent in golf when he was ranked as the number one golfer in the world for more than 90 weeks. As a professional golfer, he has 40 wins that included three Masters and three Open championships.

Golf Equipment The most prominent golfer is Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods of the United States. He was ranked as the number one golfer in the world for a record more than 600 weeks although there was a gap in between the inclusive dates.

They are only three of the world’s best golfers. There many good golfers before them and new breeds of professional are coming. Their natural talents in golf are indubitable. However, in every match they play, the golf equipment that they use is of utmost important. Not anyone of them would want to break a golf club in the middle of a championship match. Breaking a golf club during a game is tantamount to breaking a rifle in a battle.

The golf club

Golf Equipment Provider This is always first in the list of golf equipment and considered the most important and most costly. The golf club is a club purpose of which, is to hit the golf ball in a game. Golf clubs vary in shapes, angles, and purposes. A wood club is used for long distance strokes called driving. An iron club is used for shorter distance strokes than driving. A pitching wedge is used for short pitches going to the green. And the putter, that is used in bringing the ball to the hole.

The golf tee

The golf tee is that small plastic or wooden peg used to lift the golf ball above the ground. It is used in tee-offs and in every first stroke in a golf game.

The golf shoes

Golfers are not required to wear golf shoes. However, these special shoes help a golfer to acquire a steady position during strokes because of the featured spikes on the soles. Golf shoes are useful especially on wet surfaces where the risks of slipping are high. Before, golf shoes are those black and white leather shoes with spikes. Today, golf shoes are available in different colors and styles.


Similar to the golf shoes, use of gloves are not required for a player during a game. However, using gloves give the golfer a better grip on the clubs during strokes. Cost of gloves is affordable and may not be a burden to the golfer in case a he or she decided to use them.

The golf bag

Every golf player must have a golf bag to carry other equipment especially the golf clubs. Golf bags are usually made of soft leather and are available in different colors and styles. There are hand-carry bags with stand, cart bags, and travel bags.


Golf players are also not required to wear or use accessories. It is up to the player if he or she will use accessories during a game. Accessories may include but are not limited to sun visors, wrist bands, head bands, and cap.

After days of a hectic schedule, spending the weekend in a golf course is a good relief whether you are a spectator or a player. Although considered a costly way of spending leisure time, watching or playing a game of golf is priceless. However, before heading for the nearest golf course, make sure that you have the proper golf equipment. Quality equipment means quality game. And to have that quality equipment, you have to acquire them from suppliers with good reputation.

One of those suppliers is At, high-quality equipment and accessories are available. With big discounts on every item, you are assured of a good game of golf. Although you may not be in the likes of Greg Norman, Nick Faldo, or Tiger Woods, with, you will still be the tiger in the golf course.

Why SEO Is Considered an Essential Tool for Improving Online Visibility

Online visibility is necessary for anyone wanting to bring their businesses online, and using SEO has always been considered as an essential tool for this. Doing this, you can always be included in organic search results which will make search engines see your website trustworthy. Given that websites that appear on top of search engine results are the ones that can generate the most traffic, getting the top spot is considered a tough pursuit.

SEOYour goal in bringing your business online is to spread brand awareness efficiently, but without getting into the first few pages of search engine results, reaching your goal may seem difficult. With search engine optimization, you can possibly turn your mediocre-looking website into a trustworthy site that seems like running for a long time. As search engines check that your site is following all their algorithms, there is a great chance that you can slowly move up the results page. This can turn your website into one of the top suggestions that would show up on the very first page of search results.

How to Use SEO for Strengthening Your Site’s Online Presence

When starting to practice search engine optimization in boosting your website’s ranking, the following are some of the things you can do:

•Create content that’s rich in relevant keywords

Create contentSearch engines use spiders or certain software to check keyword integration, finding out whether each keyword is used properly in phrases. The data that the spiders gather will be used for identifying your website’s relevance to phrases or keywords entered by users whenever they use particular search engines. To increase your visibility in a local place, you can include your specific location with the keyword. For you to find the most relevant keywords, you can use free tools online. Once you have all the keywords for your niche, make sure that you will use each one appropriately in the content of your website.

•Link building

Link buildingFor search engines to identify that your site is trustworthy, you should practice link building. The site where you have guest posted and left a link directing to your site will reflect your site’s trustworthiness. Before posting articles on any blog sites or other websites related to your niche, check their ranking first – this is among the best ways to ensure that your own site gets a boost.

•Keeping all contents always fresh.

contentsSpiders also check how frequently websites get new content in their pages. Considering this procedure, you must regularly change all the texts and images on your website or either remove or add relevant pages. It is how you can show regular visitors and even new visitors that there are new features that you can offer. Creating a page for blogs can also help in improving your ranking. You have to post at least 2 or more blogs that are relevant to your niche weekly. This way, you can always offer something fresh, informative, and interesting for all your visitors. Providing new content must turn into a habit to let search engines detect that your website is optimized.

With continuous updates with your search engine optimization efforts, search engines will find your website trustworthy and relevant to the queries of online users. Whether you offer products or services, providing relevant and informative content that’s updated regularly is always necessary in boosting search visibility.


Proper and regular use of SEO generally helps a website get into the top pages of search results for certain keywords or phrases. For you to reach the top suggestions, you must prove your worth with search engines. Your website, even if it is just starting, should be ready for the updates that you’ll be doing in the future. Algorithms of search engines are continuously evolve and it is best that your website and strategies adapt to the changes. This will help maintain your ranking or even get you ahead of the competition.

Testing Whether Or Not Your SEO Company Is Doing Their Job

When you hire a contractor to put up rain gutters on your home, you can test whether or not they did a good job. Simply wait for rain, or get on a ladder with a bucket of water and let it fall into the gutters and see whether or not they collect water and carry it away to a downspout that pushes it to the right areas. This is stated for common sense, as it is something that denotes at least function. Whether or not it stands the test of time requires Mother Nature to come into play. However, the initial testing will reveal whether or not the job was done competently. There’s a physical view that you can grasp here. But what about the work that a SEO company does?

seoTesting whether or not a company has done their job, when the work is done remotely and delivered in a digital manner is difficult at first glance. You will find yourself wondering whether or not you’re spending money on something that is nothing but vapors, or whether or not there’s tangible qualities. There are a few steps that you can take right now to see whether or not the SEO company you’ve hired is doing their job, and is collecting the proverbial water and pushing it away. The following steps will highlight how to do just that.

Search For Your Site

Go to your favorite search engine and start doing some searches. Before this, delete your cookies and then start over. Search for your URL completely, then look for keyword phrases that you believe would be used to find your page. If you do not see your pages coming up anywhere near the first or second page of listings, then you know something has gone awry. Take notes of what you’re doing, and test several search engines.

Search For Competition

The next step here is to look for your competition, using the methods above. If you can find your competitors with keywords, or localized keyword searches, then you know something has gone awry. Think outside of the box here, and make absolutely certain that you’re looking for your competitors. If you find that neither you nor your competition is found online, then perhaps there is something seriously awry with your industry. That’s a good thing, however, because you can corner the market.

Take Your Findings To Your Company

seoTake whatever you find to be true in the above methods, and take it to the SEO company that you’ve hired to help you out. They should be able to explain what’s going on, and be able to do the searches themselves to test the waters. They should also have software that tests for market reach and deliver reports with what they’ve done to help you get traction in terms of traffic and search results.

The above testing ground is isolated to your own devices. You can ask family, friends, and others to search online to see whether or not you’re found through your favorite search engine. These quality control tests are part of the marketing plan that you have for your business. Without checks and balances, you may end up spending thousands on optimization strategies that simply don’t keep up to date. If you’re #1 for your keyword phrases for only 1 day out of the year, you will not be able to stay afloat online. It’s important to rank high all the time, and that requires more than just a shot of search engine optimization, it requires a bigger solution.

Whether you hire a SEO company for long term marketing, or short bursts, always check to see if they are in fact doing their job. If you can’t find your site, then something is definitely wrong with the work being done.

6 Signs to Seek When Looking For the Best SEO Company

It is common knowledge by know that finding the best SEO firm is hard. There are simply too many spammers and black hatters out there that finding a legitimate company are like searching for a needle in a virtual haystack. But given how tough business competition is nowadays, online marketing is slowly but surely becoming a staple medium of advertising. In fact, 89 percent of people use the Internet to search for products and services before making the final decision. In other words, only a measly 11 percent still opt for traditional media! Furthermore, online visibility improves the scope of a business, opening new avenues for revenue generation.

So how is it done? Simple! One must only remember 6 things, and these are the following:

1. It is Transparent

Transparency is key to any successful relationship, business or not. Hiding and doing things behind a client’s back will only get these agencies so far or probably even set their business on a backwards path towards oblivion. The best SEO firm knows this. As such, it is transparent in the following:

Reporting – That being said, the best SEO Company will divulge all information to their clients not only to build trust and rapport, but to also because they believe it is the ethical thing to do. It also means the company should provide a clear report about rankings, type, and number of links built, and any other pertinent information related to the SEO campaign.

Link Building Strategies – One should ask SEOs how they do link building. If their answers are along the lines of “as an agency, our techniques are confidential” or worse, “due to the nature of our service, we cannot disclose such information to you”, it might be a good idea to run away. These are rubbish! The truth is, there are no secret to SEO – just proper and creative link building, coupled with creation of great content.

seo companyIf they can’t tell what they are doing, they may be hiding something they do not want their clients to know. Or worse, they just don’t know what they are doing!

A great SEO agency will tell its clients something along the following lines: “what we usually do is create compelling content that target the following keywords” and “we build links with quality—not quantity—in mind.”

2. It will ask you to contact previous clients for feedback

Because the best SEO Company has nothing to hide, it also has nothing to fear. It will often ask prospects to contact previous clients so they themselves can give a proper feedback.

3. It is active in the SEO industry

A legitimate SEO agency knows that interacting within its industry is an important activity because not only does it build credibility, it is also a way of getting new leads or clients for its business. And what’s wrong with making a few friends on the side?
People will often see such companies actively participating in discussions on Twitter, Facebook, or even Reddit. They also keenly observe new algorithm updates, as well as the latest news about search engines and SEO in general.

4. It asks a lot

A company that is doing good, legitimate stuff to a client’s website typically needs the help of its owner or webmaster. So, it will often ask for admin access to the website itself, access to its analytics or webmasters account, access to FTP or cPanel, and even ask questions about any link building campaign performed before or any penalties the website might have incurred.
If it does not ask any of these, chances are it is only building links which is not a holistic approach to search engine optimization.

5. 50 percent of its website is dedicated to a blog

One common thing about great search optimization firms is that they are information junkies – since SEO is an ever-changing industry, experts have developed a habit of reading voraciously in an attempt to keep up with the latest news. And as much as they want to read the latest trends, they want to share them as well. As such, their websites have blogs that share informative and helpful articles.

Fake specialists, on the other hand, may have a decent-looking website, but oftentimes do not have a blog. The bulk of their website is a list of their services and their respective prices.

6. It provides great customer service

It does not matter that a company has superb optimization skills if its customer service is utter garbage – SEO is only half of what clients pay for. A great agency will attend to its client’s needs and preferences and will seek to deliver high-quality work every time.

It can also be contacted via email, phone, or in person – whichever way their clients prefer.
Bad SEOs, on the other hand, are often only available through Skype and reaching them is always a battle. These types do not care about their clients business and are prone to disappearing altogether.


Following these basic tips will save a lot of business owners from potential headaches and will surely be helpful in finding the perfect company.

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12 SEO Responsibilities Every Website Owner Should Know

Website RankingWhat is an SEO responsibility exactly? This is a component of modern SEO marketing that makes up a successful strategy to rank a website higher in the search engine results page. This is like a more concentrated tactic that covers a particular area of online activity and traffic source.

As a website owner, you should know these 12 SEO responsibilities to have a more lucrative online venture.

1. Site accessibility

This refers to the creation of a website that is easy for web spiders to crawl and index. It covers the use of proper computer languages, site architecture and design that can be considered crawler-friendly. It precedes content development and optimization.

2. Keyword research and targeting

Keyword researchIt simply refers to research of relevant keywords for your domain name, URL structuring, sitemap, page creation, menu and content to properly address what your target visitors are constantly looking for. It practically follows the law of supply and demand.

3. Content strategy

This refers to the planning and allotment of resources and capabilities in producing share-worthy contents and valuable information. It specifically applies to organizations with bigger SEO needs, but for individual website owners, content strategy is still crucial in determining areas of prioritization, both in terms of budget and time (like when deciding to spend for web redesigning or SEO writing).

4. Content creation

This is a separate task from keyword research because it focuses more on the application of targeted keywords, management of evergreen contents and blog posts, interactive media, infographics and other usable tools in optimizing contents for crawlers.

5. Link building

Link buildingA part of off-page optimization, link building refers not only to the placement of inbound links on more suitable websites but also to the investigation of web doors, monitoring of existing inbound links and the acquisition of ethical linking opportunities.

6. New search protocols

This is an aspect of web development that should be constantly applied to identify industry updates and search protocols, like how search engine algorithms change and affect your website. The introduction of video, sitemap, XML and canonical redirects to search engine algorithms all belong to this responsibility.

7. Search verticals

These are more specific search sections that major search engines focus to aside from page discovery. These verticals include image, video, blogs, mobile, local, news, social media and product searches, and how they are managed and used for SEO marketing purposes.

8. Community management

This is practically the interactivity with targeted communities to constantly invite their attention, Content creationprod interest and raise awareness to keep conversations alive. It can be as simple as systematically responding to conversations within your site, or as complicated as setting up a separate forum subdomain under your website to invite more discussions (notice how major websites have separate forum sections).

9. Social media promotion

Social media promotion“Virality” is the goal to expand reach and improve online visibility through social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Google+ and Quora (the creation of viral video that costs thousands of dollars requires a different effort from social media management itself).

10. Social network reach

This refers to the expansion of reach through connections, researching of new segments and customer groups and followers. The use of LinkedIn to get new clients and partners is a good example.

11. Reputation tracking

It refers to the monitoring of search results, growth rate, changes in online activity and profit and social media signals to safeguard stability and rank in search engines. It serves as the guarding responsibility that all organizations have.

12. Local/map optimization

It refers to the introduction of a website on local maps and directories for listing. Placing a website’s head office in Google map belongs to this responsibility.