Vita sine libris mors est (Life without books is death)
Who is Nocturnal Muse? Why, she's much like you!
I am an eclectic soul, a vibrant woman, devoted wife, proud parent, seasoned scribe, armchair philosopher, amateur metaphysician, tenacious survivor, life-long student, autodidact, bibliophile and introvert with quirky tendencies. I'm happiest at home writing, editing, reading, watching movies, gaming and spending time with my husband Paul.  I am currently pursuing additional education in the field of Social Psychology. My Social Psychology Network (SPN) profile can be accessed here.

I've been a professional freelance writer, author, copy editor and writing instructor since May 1997. To date, my work has been published a couple hundred times as articles, features, interviews, columns and reviews. I was editor and publisher of the award-winning e-zine, Scribe & Quill, for over 15 years. It now continues as a group on Facebook, but I no longer publish the newsletter.

In addition, I've had five books published (one by Writer's Digest Books) and one co-authored book published. since 2005  You can view and purchase my books on this page.  My literary agent is Meredith Bernstein of New York City.

Besides books (which is obvious!), some of my favorite things include: slinkies, the color purple, hematite, Aladdin lamps, geeky stuff, science, documentaries, the Biography Channel, the Science Channel, Hammer horror films, Johnny Depp, Ray Harryhausen classic stop-motion model animation, the Brothers Quay, Egyptian musk incense, scented candles, haunted dolls, ventriloquist dolls, sock monkeys, Victorian furniture, chocolate, Earl Grey and herbal teas, Dr. Pepper w/a slice of lemon, coffee, mannequins, Samurai warriors, traveling, Europe, the Scottish Highlands, Manitou Springs arcade, divination, metaphysics, the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza, rosaries/prayer beads, genealogy, gypsy jazz, symphonic metal (Apocalyptica), classical music, Scotland, animals and the sublime beauty of Mother Nature. 
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Blessings & Light!
Bev Sninchak
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Bev Sninchak
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