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Testing Whether Or Not Your SEO Company Is Doing Their Job

When you hire a contractor to put up rain gutters on your home, you can test whether or not they did a good job. Simply wait for rain, or get on a ladder with a bucket of water and let it fall into the gutters and see whether or not they collect water and carry it away to a downspout that pushes it to the right areas. This is stated for common sense, as it is something that denotes at least function. Whether or not it stands the test of time requires Mother Nature to come into play. However, the initial testing will reveal whether or not the job was done competently. There’s a physical view that you can grasp here. But what about the work that a SEO company does?

seoTesting whether or not a company has done their job, when the work is done remotely and delivered in a digital manner is difficult at first glance. You will find yourself wondering whether or not you’re spending money on something that is nothing but vapors, or whether or not there’s tangible qualities. There are a few steps that you can take right now to see whether or not the SEO company you’ve hired is doing their job, and is collecting the proverbial water and pushing it away. The following steps will highlight how to do just that.

Search For Your Site

Go to your favorite search engine and start doing some searches. Before this, delete your cookies and then start over. Search for your URL completely, then look for keyword phrases that you believe would be used to find your page. If you do not see your pages coming up anywhere near the first or second page of listings, then you know something has gone awry. Take notes of what you’re doing, and test several search engines.

Search For Competition

The next step here is to look for your competition, using the methods above. If you can find your competitors with keywords, or localized keyword searches, then you know something has gone awry. Think outside of the box here, and make absolutely certain that you’re looking for your competitors. If you find that neither you nor your competition is found online, then perhaps there is something seriously awry with your industry. That’s a good thing, however, because you can corner the market.

Take Your Findings To Your Company

seoTake whatever you find to be true in the above methods, and take it to the SEO company that you’ve hired to help you out. They should be able to explain what’s going on, and be able to do the searches themselves to test the waters. They should also have software that tests for market reach and deliver reports with what they’ve done to help you get traction in terms of traffic and search results.

The above testing ground is isolated to your own devices. You can ask family, friends, and others to search online to see whether or not you’re found through your favorite search engine. These quality control tests are part of the marketing plan that you have for your business. Without checks and balances, you may end up spending thousands on optimization strategies that simply don’t keep up to date. If you’re #1 for your keyword phrases for only 1 day out of the year, you will not be able to stay afloat online. It’s important to rank high all the time, and that requires more than just a shot of search engine optimization, it requires a bigger solution.

Whether you hire a SEO company for long term marketing, or short bursts, always check to see if they are in fact doing their job. If you can’t find your site, then something is definitely wrong with the work being done.