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The Art And History Of Making Embroidered Patches

Almost everyone has worn clothing with an embroidered patch at least once in his or her life. If you’re wondering what an embroidered patch is, it is a piece of cloth upon which extra details are decorated and sewn. This design is created using thread or fabric backing after which the patch can be attached to strategic parts of the clothing to represent a company, club, or organization. The traditional ways of attaching patches are through pinning and sewing, but some modern methods involve attachment by using an iron-on material, Velcro, or heat-activated adhesive.

Here Gives Important Uses Of Embroidered Patches:

The use of these add-ons on uniforms has been around for decades, but their roots can be traced back to ancient Mediterranean culture, and even parts of South America, China, and India, where thread stitching for the decoration of fabric originated. The robes of the royals and the religious were adorned with hand-stitched patterns, and even significant artifacts were decorated with various kinds of embroidery. Today, embroidered patches are used for uniforms in government services, sports teams, clubs, and companies in order to signify a person’s rank or position in the organization. Sometimes, specialized units or space agencies use these to represent a particular mission.

Embroidered Patches

Before the computer age, embroidered patches were hand-stitched on clothes. Today, most patch manufacturing companies use the same approach, but an additional step has been included in the process to make the art of making a patch more precise. First, the base fabric is cut and shaped, after which the edges undergo a heat-sealing process to prevent them from fraying. Next, the thread is stitched onto the backing, which serves as a background for the patch itself. As a finishing touch, an adhesive that can be ironed on is applied to the other side of the patch, to make it easy to attach it to the clothing. This final step is what makes all the difference and allows for ease of attachment to the uniform.

In the Industrial Revolution, machines for garment production such as sewing machines and power looms paved the way for an easier and more accurate patch making process. Production of patches were made more efficient that numerous pieces could be made within a smaller time frame, allowing for bulk, rush orders. Before, embroidery was such a time-consuming process. But, when the Schiffli machine was invented by a Swiss man named Isaak Groebli, that certainly changed the game for the art of embroidery.

The machine utilized the two-thread process, which made it possible to make several copies of the embroidered pattern at a single time. Groebli’s eldest son invented a more updated version of the Schiffli machine, which operated on a more simplified mechanism via a single operator. The invention of the embroidery machine definitely revolutionized the entire process, which ultimately became an answer to the challenge of fast, multiple production of embroidered patches.

Embroidered Patch

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