6 Signs to Seek When Looking For the Best SEO Company

It is common knowledge by know that finding the best SEO firm is hard. There are simply too many spammers and black hatters out there that finding a legitimate company are like searching for a needle in a virtual haystack. But given how tough business competition is nowadays, online marketing is slowly but surely becoming a staple medium of advertising. In fact, 89 percent of people use the Internet to search for products and services before making the final decision. In other words, only a measly 11 percent still opt for traditional media! Furthermore, online visibility improves the scope of a business, opening new avenues for revenue generation.

So how is it done? Simple! One must only remember 6 things, and these are the following:

1. It is Transparent

Transparency is key to any successful relationship, business or not. Hiding and doing things behind a client’s back will only get these agencies so far or probably even set their business on a backwards path towards oblivion. The best SEO firm knows this. As such, it is transparent in the following:

Reporting – That being said, the best SEO Company will divulge all information to their clients not only to build trust and rapport, but to also because they believe it is the ethical thing to do. It also means the company should provide a clear report about rankings, type, and number of links built, and any other pertinent information related to the SEO campaign.

Link Building Strategies – One should ask SEOs how they do link building. If their answers are along the lines of “as an agency, our techniques are confidential” or worse, “due to the nature of our service, we cannot disclose such information to you”, it might be a good idea to run away. These are rubbish! The truth is, there are no secret to SEO – just proper and creative link building, coupled with creation of great content.

seo companyIf they can’t tell what they are doing, they may be hiding something they do not want their clients to know. Or worse, they just don’t know what they are doing!

A great SEO agency will tell its clients something along the following lines: “what we usually do is create compelling content that target the following keywords” and “we build links with quality—not quantity—in mind.”

2. It will ask you to contact previous clients for feedback

Because the best SEO Company has nothing to hide, it also has nothing to fear. It will often ask prospects to contact previous clients so they themselves can give a proper feedback.

3. It is active in the SEO industry

A legitimate SEO agency knows that interacting within its industry is an important activity because not only does it build credibility, it is also a way of getting new leads or clients for its business. And what’s wrong with making a few friends on the side?
People will often see such companies actively participating in discussions on Twitter, Facebook, or even Reddit. They also keenly observe new algorithm updates, as well as the latest news about search engines and SEO in general.

4. It asks a lot

A company that is doing good, legitimate stuff to a client’s website typically needs the help of its owner or webmaster. So, it will often ask for admin access to the website itself, access to its analytics or webmasters account, access to FTP or cPanel, and even ask questions about any link building campaign performed before or any penalties the website might have incurred.
If it does not ask any of these, chances are it is only building links which is not a holistic approach to search engine optimization.

5. 50 percent of its website is dedicated to a blog

One common thing about great search optimization firms is that they are information junkies – since SEO is an ever-changing industry, experts have developed a habit of reading voraciously in an attempt to keep up with the latest news. And as much as they want to read the latest trends, they want to share them as well. As such, their websites have blogs that share informative and helpful articles.

Fake specialists, on the other hand, may have a decent-looking website, but oftentimes do not have a blog. The bulk of their website is a list of their services and their respective prices.

6. It provides great customer service

It does not matter that a company has superb optimization skills if its customer service is utter garbage – SEO is only half of what clients pay for. A great agency will attend to its client’s needs and preferences and will seek to deliver high-quality work every time.

It can also be contacted via email, phone, or in person – whichever way their clients prefer.
Bad SEOs, on the other hand, are often only available through Skype and reaching them is always a battle. These types do not care about their clients business and are prone to disappearing altogether.


Following these basic tips will save a lot of business owners from potential headaches and will surely be helpful in finding the perfect company.

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